Firm Profile

Firm History

Vance, Thrift & Biller LLP was founded on May 1, 1955 by Oather C. Vance and C. Eugene Thrift, CPAs who had practiced accounting in the county since the late ‘40s.  Gerry Biller joined the firm and became a partner in 1965.  

The firm quickly grew in size and in prominence by serving a number of clients in real estate and farming as well as retail and service firms.  A few of the businesses served in the early years grew substantially in size, eventually “going public” with stock offerings or merging into publicly traded companies. 

Current Partners

Gary L. Wolfe, CPA

(805) 648-6061 ext. 142


Andrew D. Viles, CPA

(805) 648-6061 ext. 144


Marilyn R. Lambeth, CPA

(805) 648-6061 ext. 145


Andrew W. Gardner, MBA , CPA

(805) 648-6061 ext. 123


Andrea E. Rodriguez, CPA

(805) 648-6061 ext. 126